Friday, September 9, 2011


My little man started preschool this week. Monday night we put him to bed and he was awake for hours. We found him on the floor hiding under the bed muttering something about preschool. He had gotten sick and was completely worked up about starting school the next day. My heart ached. This is the same reaction he had when we started speech therapy--it lasted for the first 6 weeks.

We woke up Tuesday with no power and the news of school being cancelled. Explain to a 3-year old that he can't go to preschool because the lights aren't on--let me know if you have any suggestions. He became excited through the course of the day and by Tuesday night he fell right to sleep and woke up on Wednesday ready for school!

Drop-off time has gone pretty well with a few tears, but his teachers report that he adjusts well and is a delight to have in class.

Ellie and I are settling into a new routine and she seems to be enjoying her independence. She typically follows her brother around but now she is able to do whatever pleases her! I am finding it a little easier to accomplish household tasks with only one child around yet I really do miss my little blond boy.

His heart and sensitivity truly shine as I see him put in these vulnerable situations. I want him to continue to grow and learn, yet I pray that he never loses these qualities. I have determined that preschool is as much a growth journey for parents as it is for the kids. Learning to leave my precious boy each day is a struggle yet I know he is enjoying himself, and that makes it easier.

Happy Preschool Day to you Corban! Mommy loves you and delights in you!


John Dallas said...

I am touched by the beauty of this story. I find myself thinking back to my children making big steps or big steps in my life.

I can not remember the details so exactly. What I do know is that in some sense it is the story of of many of us in every big step of life. The anticipation, anxiety, love, fear, joy, grief, hiding, happiness, darkness, light and celebration.

What a treasure to keep. What a wonderful thing to remember the details and emotions of that big day - Happy Preschool Day. I am proud of you Corban. We are all pulling for you.

Vicki Cluxton said...

Our hearts have been heavy this week too as we waited to hear each day how Corban did. I am sure Ellie is enjoying being the "only" child and have your undivided attention. You are right, it is as much a stretch for the parents as it is for the child. Now you might have an understanding of why I said that I hated the start of school each year. Even to your senior years! And college! It is a blessing to love and ENJOY your children so much that you hate to be apart. God plants that in our hearts!

What a wonderful, caring, and sensitive Mommy and Daddy you guys are.