Monday, March 23, 2009

Something to Consider

I am currently reading a book by Kay Warren, "Dangerous Surrender". My husband and I were at a youth ministry convention and had the privilege to hear Kay Warren speak about this book and I decided that I had to read it! I didn't expect that it would speak to my heart as much as it has....even about Callie.
I don't know about you but I often find myself looking at other people's lives and questioning God. "Why does a teenage girl have a healthy baby?" "Why do these people who don't want children have children?" I sit back and cast judgment as I see fit as to what I think should happen in a person's life. I was so convicted when I read this the other day.
"....You see, it really isn't any of my business--or your business--what God does in someone else's life. My only business is to follow him. I sometimes call this the WITTY principle--what is that to you? We wrongly accuse God of having favorites, of loving others more than he loves us, of showering others with blessings while leaving us high and dry. We pray and ask for a miracle in our family, only to watch things crumble around us. Yet a friend prays for a miracle in her family and seems to get one. We beg God to heal someone we love, but he or she dies anyway. Another friend asks God to heal their loved one--and he does. We conclude that there is an inequity to his love, and some choose to walk away from him. Here's the bottom line: Figuring out God's ways isn't any of my business. Following him is" Kay Warren "Dangerous Surrender"
That hit me in the heart! The Lord does know what he is doing and we are simply to follow him. Thank goodness that He has it all under control!
Blessings to you friends!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Heart Aches

Hi Friends. I hope that you are doing well. Isn't it amazing that though we've never met, we have a common bond and common heart ache? Recently I have had some friends have babies. It is so awesome to share in this miracle in their lives! I can never relax when I know that people are pregnant around me. I just worry that something is going to happen. Thankfully all 3 of the babies were born healthy and the moms are doing well too! I am so thankful! One baby was even born at 35 weeks. She is doing well though!
On a different note. My husband came home the other day and told me about a discussion he had with a lady at our church. She had asked if we had bought a dress for Callie to wear when she was buried. I was quite honestly horrified at the question. Well the reason that she was asking was because a few hospitals in the area had contacted the church recently. With the economy in the shape that it is people are not able to buy their babies outfits to be buried in. It broke my heart. I still remember picking out Callie's dress. Now I wish that I had another one like it. I never got to see her in it. Now there are people who can't afford to buy their precious babies something to forever rest in. I am going to start looking for sales on preemie clothes to donate to the local hospitals. I would encourage you if you are able to consider doing the same. Imagine the incredible gift you could give someone. My heart aches for these families. My heart aches for you, my friend. There is a reason that you are reading this. I am praying for you, though I may not know you. I feel your heart and I feel you pain.