Saturday, April 30, 2011


Recently I had to take my kids to the Emergency Room. It wasn't an "emergency" but our pediatrician is in the tornado "affected area" so we went to a very small, local hospital. We received adequate care for our needs that day. While the doctor was examining the kids he remarked "I bet they fight all the time." I responded to him that they get along pretty well most days.
I have been thinking about his comment since I left. Corban and Ellie really do get along quite well. They greet each other with smiles and laughter after being separated--if only for a nap. She follows him like a lost puppy and he most often encourages this!
I'm not saying that every day is perfect--it isn't. They each want the same toy or need to be reminded not to push and hit. But I hope that we can continue to encourage them to be close and loving siblings. I think that as parents it is up to us to help foster closeness between our kids. We can do a lot to help this or to deter this.
Do you have any tips or suggestions for me? I would love to hear them!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Preparing for Baby

Have you ever prepared for a baby? Perhaps you have not yet had a baby but have prepared for a niece, nephew or maybe a friend's baby? I recently read a facebook post by a girl who is pregnant for the first time and it said "I didn't know laundry could be so much fun!" She was doing laundry for the baby's arrival and it took me back to the time I was pregnant for the first time. I like to have things organized and planned and I like to be prepared. I remember washing Callie's clothes and feeling the same way about her laundry. I loved washing her things and taking in their scent as I hung them on hangers or put them in her dresser. I had already put bottles in the cupboards and toys in the baskets in the living room. Her room was ready. We were ready.

Callie was the first granddaughter on both sides of our families. Everyone was excited about the new things a little girl would bring to our family. Dolls and dresses. Ribbons and hairbows. Oh the fun would be endless! I recently came across a very special gift that was intended for Callie from my grandma. My mom is an only child, making my sister and I the only grandchildren. So little girls have always had a special place in her heart. I have many fond memories with my grandma. She took us Easter dress shopping every year and we chose the perfect dress to wear to church Easter morning. Nanny has been suffering with Alzheimer's for awhile now but was recently admitted to a memory care center. We went to her house to pick up a few things and I came across a dress she had bought for Callie. She had shown it to my Mom and the date on the receipt confirmed that this was that very dress. It was a beautiful pink smocked dress with a matching bonnet and pink tights. It would have been the perfect baptism dress. Nanny was preparing for her first great-granddaughter. She had followed the tradition she had with us in buying beautiful dresses. It is now something I will hold on to forever.

John 14:2, Jesus says He is going to prepare a place for us. I imagine it is much the same. He has everything ready for us, as we do for our children to come home to us. I know there is a place being prepared for my Nanny. I wonder if Callie is waiting on her and preparing to meet her. Nanny will meet her great-granddaughter one day soon. For now I am treasuring the small glimpses I get of the "old" Nanny. She is still there.....somewhere. What a beautiful reminder for us to be prepared.

Blessings to you.