Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Early Valentine's Gift.....Baby Ellie

No. She isn't here yet. :) I did wrangle a date out of the doctor though! He is on call the weekend of Valentine's we are scheduled to go on the morning of the 13th! I will be 38 weeks on the 14th so hopefully all will go well. I'm so thankful that my doctor is being conservative and using good judgment with my case. He isn't letting my comfort and anxiety sway his decision. He recognizes that we took Corban too early and paid a high price for that. Unless something happens and she comes on her own or something else unforeseen......she will come on Feb 13th. It is still 2 1/2 weeks away but I trust his judgment and expertise. We're praying for a healthy delivery and to be able to keep her with us until we leave the hospital with her. It will be the best Valentine's Day gift ever to have our little girl with us!
I'm not sure I will be blogging again until she is here unless something changes in our situation.
Blessings to you all! I'm sure we'll post pictures once she is here!


Matt Hart said...

I know you are growing ever more uncomfortable but I am thankful for your willingness do it. You are a wonderful mother already and I know we will have many wonderful years together with our little girl, Ellie Kate in the future. I love you so much and can't wait to celebrate our little girl in a couple of weeks.


Vicki Cluxton said...

Some day this will all be just a memory. I know it doesn't seem like it now. But it will all fade when you hold little Ellie in your arms! Can't wait to meet her!

Jeff Cluxton said...

Can't wait to see Ellie Kate.
Love you.