Tuesday, February 9, 2010

C-Section Update

Hello Friends!
The countdown has been going on this week for Ellie's arrival. The surgery is scheduled for 5:15 p.m. this Friday, the 12th! At my last appointment on Monday the doctor was pleased with how she is doing. We could see her little chest rising and falling as she was practicing breathing. This is an encouraging sign, and we are hopeful that the steroid shot has worked. We don't want to end up with another pulmonary hypertension baby in the NICU, like Corban.
We are confident in our surgeon's knowledge. He is a skilled perinatologist and has provided us with wonderful care! We are trusting in the Lord that this will be a good experience and Ellie will be able to stay with us and not go to NICU or that anything else will go wrong. However, I am saying this in faith....because out of fear I worry that something will happen. I would covet your prayers as Friday approaches. We are so excited to meet our daughter and yet are filled with fear and nervousness.
We'll post pictures and updates once she is here and we have settled.


Vicki Cluxton said...

We are praying and trusting for a special time of delivery and bonding with baby Ellie Kate. We can't wait to meet her! How blessed we are.

Theresa said...

I will continue to pray with you as the time arrives. My small group has been praying for you. We meet on Thursday, so that will be some concentrated prayer as you get ready. Can't wait to see pics of Ellie (especially with you!)