Monday, May 4, 2009


I have always thought that when I get to heaven I want to ask God some questions. I have had this idea that then my questions will be answered and "why" will make sense. I don't imagine myself shaking my fist at God but just sitting with Him to better understand things. I trust His heart and His reasons. I just wish that humanly I understood them. Well, my mind has since been changed on this. I just finished reading Don Piper's book, "90 Minutes in Heaven". It is about a man who dies in a car accident (for 90 minutes) and then comes back to life. It is an interesting read. A few things that he said really stood out to me. The main thing is that he said (while he was in heaven) that "...I asked no questions and never wondered about anything. Everything was perfect. I sensed that I knew everything and had no questions to ask." This really struck me since I had always thought of talking to God and asking my questions. Yet this man in heaven is saying that he had no questions and seemed to already know everything. I wonder if this is what it will be like in Heaven. I know that I will be reunited with Callie in Heaven. That is wonderful hope for me. We won't wonder about the past or anything else that brings us pain. We will simply "know" and be content in that. Hmm. Something to think about friend. Our "whys" and "what ifs" are only temporary.

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Aaron and Leslie Poyner said...

I can't wait to meet Callie Grace as well!