Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Season

My little guy began Pre-K this week.  We all have been a little concerned about how things would go at his new school.  He certainly has had a lot of changes in the past few months.  He loved his preschool in Georgia and we were apprehensive about a change. 
I'm pleased to report that he has done very well this week!  He has made a couple of new friends (the boy with the blue shirt and the boy with the red backpack), likes his teachers and is learning the new routine with ease. 
I've gone down a trip through memory lane as this new season in his life (and ours) begins.  I think of the apprehension and fear we had throughout his pregnancy.  I went on leave at a very stressful job to ensure that nothing interefered with a healthy baby.  We had a weekly standing appointment with my doctor and each week we would get a glimpse of our baby on the ultrasound.  We had enlisted true women of faith from our church to pray for he and I every day.  And we chose the name Corban (Mark 7:11 says "Corban" was a gift devoted to God) to express how we felt about this child we had anticipated meeting. 
So when things didn't go as expected in delivery, you can imagine our surprise and heartache.  The first news I heard of my baby was from a NICU doctor (6 hours after waiting) explaining to me that he would be in the NICU for a few days, which turned into a few weeks, and then nobody spoke of time after that.  He was a very sick baby and to say that our faith had bottomed out would be an understatement.  This "gift devoted to God" might not make it and we were terrified to be going through this with another baby.  A baby we loved so dearly already and hadn't even held.  Well, you know that he came home eventually.  And despite everything he had gone through was the happiest baby I have ever seen.  He was always smiling, and as I look through pictures, I am reminded of that.  I am reminded of how much joy he has brought us.
Though he continues to struggle with some minor delays, I know without a doubt, that he will rise above it all and succeed.  I am excited to see how he learns and grows this year.  I know it will fly by and next year Kindergarten will be upon us, with all the emotions that brings!  God has been so faithful to us--and I am reminded of that each time fear creeps in my mind.  Corban is so loved.  He came into our lives at such a dark and hopeless time.  Happy 1st week of Pre-K, Corb!  We are so proud of you!

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The McGregor Clan said...

He is so cute!! I am glad he loves his new school and settling in your new town. God's hand is definitely in that little guys life.