Monday, July 16, 2012

Muffins for everyone......even for Ellie!

     My daughter, Ellie, has been a mystery to me since the day she was born.  Many of you know that she has struggled with many undiagnosed health issues.  I will go into that more another time but to summarize, we are now on a gluten- free, casein- free diet. 
     This has been a huge learning curve for me.  But we are seeing a drastic change and that is my motivation to press on!  I wanted to pass along a family favorite recipe that I recently was able to make gluten and casein free.  Now we are able to enjoy this treat again without the fear of what it might do to Ellie’s little system. 
     Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins are a staple in my house.  I remember a few years ago there was talk of a shortage of canned pumpkin.  My Mom, sister and I raided all the stores in case this happened.  The following month the shelves were stocked full.  I heard the same "shortage" claim last year but didn't fall for it again. 
     I made these with our old family recipe and used a homemade gluten-free flour blend and dairy-free chocolate chips.  This recipe is moist and delicious, which is hard to find with gluten-free bread products.  It also freezes well, which means you can make multiple batches at one time and thaw for tomorrow’s breakfast.  We enjoy mini-muffins at our house because they are the perfect size for little hands. 
     Enjoy!  Let me know if you make them and your impression!  I promise you won’t be disappointed. 
 P.S.  If you aren’t on a gluten and casein free diet you can use your regular flour and chocolate chips!  The same amounts of each can be used!  That is what we did in the good old days! 
                           Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
1 cup pumpkin                                               
1 large egg
1 cup sugar
2 cups dairy free chocolate chips                                                                                                     
½ cup chopped walnuts                                                                                                             
1.5 cups gluten free flour
 ½ cup oil                                                          
½ tsp baking soda
1.5 tsp pumpkin pie spice                            
¼ tsp baking powder

Mix pumpkin, sugar and egg.  Add oil and mix well.  Blend in other ingredients.  Fill lined/greased muffin pans 2/3 full.  Bake in a preheated oven @ 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes.  Once they are cool you can pop them in a freezer bag.   It’s that easy!  I will warn you……..these babies are addictive!

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Fancy said...

I LOVE pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! Now I might have to make some ;)