Saturday, October 29, 2011


We recently went on a family vacation.  My parents started a tradition of taking one week together with all the kids and grandkids together.  One week of uninterrupted time together.  One member from each of our families work at a church which means our weekends together are typically cut short, except the week of vacation.  We started the tradition when I was pregnant (very pregnant) with Callie.  We were so excited to think about our next vacation bringing her along!  Each trip we take I am reminded that she should be with us.  A few nights I stepped out on the balcony and snapped some pictures of the sunset.  After taking this one I realized it was break taking.  I love it when the sunbeams shine through the clouds.  Then it hit me, she is with us.  She's always with us.  Though she isn't physically in our pictures and we aren't buying her a souvenir shirt, she is with us.  Every step of the way. 

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Vicki Cluxton said...

Min -
Just read your post - sorry I missed it. It does seem like someone is missing at our vacations, especially since you were pregnant with Callie at our first one. She will always be with us, not the way we would wish, but she will never be forgotten. Her life has impacted us all in so many ways.

Love you,