Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Beginning...

Matt and I knew that we wanted children before we were married. We were very excited about becoming parents and starting a family. It certainly didn't come easily for us. After trying for a year and a half I began to wonder if maybe something was wrong. They typically say that if you haven't gotten pregnant on your own after a year then you should get things checked out. Things were extremely stressful for us though...we had moved and switched jobs two times during that year and a half and maybe the stress was playing a part. We were meeting with a pastor about a church plant that we might be a part of and we found out that his wife was a nurse practitioner at a fertility clinic. She suggested that I come to see her and get the process going. So I went in early December and we talked about all the options and the process and then decided to set some tests up for a later date. I left that appointment feeling so down. This was not how it was supposed to be! I was supposed to just "get pregnant", have a healthy baby and that was it! I came home and talked to Matt about things.
During that week we received a call from a church in Indiana that Matt had applied to and we were going to go for an interview that weekend. We had quite a long drive so we discussed things with the testing and decided to wait. I was relatively young to be starting fertility testing and since I wasn't keen on the idea yet we would wait. We might reconsider at a later time. We felt such a peace about the decision. The interview went incredibly well that weekend. It was the first time that during an interview we both felt at peace. Matt was offered the job the following Sunday and we were to move in a few weeks. We went home so excited to be moving back closer to family and friends.

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