Friday, July 23, 2010

Connected at the........heart

Hello friend. You know when you have a close friend some say you are connected at the hip? I recently felt connected to someone at the heart. When you experience loss in some form or another a sensitivity begins to happen. There are topics, phrases, questions, etc. that touch the forbidden or closed part of your soul. Recently I was on a social networking site and a comment was made that touched that forbidden piece of my heart. I didn't respond to the comment but read through others' comments and saw a comment that stated what my heart felt. I sent a message to this person, who I didn't know, and did my best to encourage her. I could tell from her statement that she had experienced loss. I didn't know the details, nor did I need to, but I could hear her heart's cry. A few emails were exchanged and I was able to connect with this woman. Isn't it amazing how our hurt connects us and binds us together? I found out that she had heard of our sweet Callie and had been praying for us during that time. She also heard of Corban's struggles when he was born. How amazing it is when we find that we are more closely connected than we realize! You never know how you are going to be used in someone's life. Remember to always be faithful and follow through on the Lord's leading! Who knows what it will mean!
Blessings to you friend!

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Theresa said...

Just wanted to know I love you! So glad we have reconnected and can "chat" every once in awhile. You are so special to me. Please continue to let us know how things are going.