Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Season of Thanks

Hello friends. It has been awhile since my last post. I only write when I have something to say--which you might think would be all the time--but it is not. We have gone through some major transitions in the last month.My husband, a youth pastor, lost his job. The church is undergoing a lot of changes and some crazy decisions are being made. I won't bad mouth the church but it has been really tough! Our house was a parsonage, provided by the church so we also lost our house and only income. It is hard not to get caught up with all the little details and annoyances that happen along the way. When we are wronged it is so hard to not become angry and want revenge. I have really struggled with this! However, in light of Thanksgiving, I have been really challenged to focus on the things that I do have and not those that I don't. So here goes--
1. Our baby girl, Ellie Kate, has remained healthy in spite of all of this stress!
2. Corban just turned 18 months and continues to amaze us with his humor. He has made this situation tolerable and brings a smile to our face when we need it!
3. Corban and my insurance was not through the church--so we are still covered.
4. My parents have graciously allowed us to move in with them and take over their house. What a wonderful blessing this has been---for us at least! :)
5. My husband has a wonderful support network of other pastors that has really poured into him and helped to encourage him.
So that is my start for now. We have each other and our health--and that is all we really need. God has blessed us and has always provided for our needs. I know that He is faithful and will continue to do so! Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings!

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